Government, Municipal, & School Law Liability

In addition to the employer liability issues faced by public sector entities, numerous other unique legal issues face municipal entities and the public school systems. Because of the sensitive nature of many of these issues, schools and municipalities are subject to a high degree of both public and media scrutiny. For this reason, it is vital these schools and local governments have thorough, effective, and cost-efficient representation. The professional staff at Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC is able to provide such services.

The attorneys at Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC have experience in advising and representing municipalities and school districts over the years in their professional capacities as school solicitors, insurance defense counsel and special counsel. As such, the firm is able both to advise this unique clientele proactively, so as to avoid potential legal pitfalls, as well as to defend the public entity in the event litigation is initiated.

Both school districts and municipal units are faced with issues of potential legal consequence on a daily basis. Whether it be a routine occurrence, such us a public board meeting or hearing, or a more involved substantive legal issue such as the requirements for bidding contracts, the logistics of tax assessments and appeals, the intricacies of collective bargaining issues, or the complexities of employee discipline or official and/or professional liability, Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC is able to provide attorneys who can address issues from both a solicitor’s practical standpoint as well as from a defensive litigation perspective. The firm is seasoned in dealing with the ever-evolving body of law regarding privileges and immunities available to public sector defendants under the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act.

In addition to these general issues, municipalities and school districts each have topics unique to them. For example, in this day and age of media hype, a municipality’s police force has become a target for civil rights litigation. Our professional staff’s understanding of civil rights and constitutional law as well as the privileges and immunities available to a police officer is imperative in providing a complete and thorough legal defense in the event of litigation.

Another area which can result in serious ramifications to a local government unit, be it municipality or municipal authority, is the securing of easements and rights-of-way for various projects. Our attorneys’ comfort with eminent domain procedures is also indispensable given the increasing number of municipal projects such as sewage and water build-outs occurring in many growing communities.

Clearly, when it come to municipal or school law, the firm brings to the table a solid background of experience and knowledge. Dale K. Forsythe is available to discuss your needs and clarify the experience the firm has in this area of law.