General & Commercial Liability

Lawsuits are a fact of life in today’s commercial setting, requiring the counsel and advice of a law firm with extensive litigation and trial experience. Over the past forty years, Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC has defended businesses and individuals alike in the full spectrum of legal disputes ranging from simple negligence to breach of contract and fraud.

Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC regularly represents defendants in the context of automobile accident litigation, defending individuals and companies in the court system and defending insurance carriers in the uninsured and underinsured arbitration process. Similarly, the firm consistently represents homeowners and commercial property owners in premises liability cases. The other types of personal injury cases handled by Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC are numerous, including injuries from dog-bites, defamation, food poisoning, nursing home/assisted living accidents, industrial accidents and professional malpractice. The injuries in these cases range from emotional distress to fatalities. The attorneys of Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC have also successfully defended individuals and companies in bodily injury and death, property damage and monetary loss cases arising out of fire losses, maritime accidents, theft, fraud and misrepresentation.

Despite the diversity of issues involved in these cases, the attorneys of Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC have provided competent advice and guidance through all stages of the litigation process. By conducting necessary legal research and analysis, utilizing fine-tuned litigation tactics and applying sound judgment, the firm has brought these cases to a successful resolution.

Please feel free to contact any of our attorneys for assistance, advice or representation for your General and Commercial Liability needs.